Make it Rain


It’s cold and rainy in Galway again! Yeah, I did that. You’re welcome.

So the big news today is that Mr. Spock is coming back to Galway. Zachary Quinto apparently lived in Galway for a summer during college, and the Galway Film Fleadh lured him back to teach an actor’s masterclass next month. The Film Fleadh is drawing some big names, and it is really cool because they are one of our ROPES advertisers. I am hoping to volunteer with them, if I can get my summer schedule locked down and don’t have any more giant thesis-related meltdowns (yeah, that happened today).

I’ve posted here before about The Belfast Train – the Enterprise – and my Star Trek themed weekend in Dublin. I’m really only an amateur geek when it comes to trekkiness, but I saw the new movie as soon as I got back to Galway, and it made me laugh and feel and contemplate the nature of evil, so I am looking forward to Spock beaming into Galway.

A couple nights ago, back when the weather was nice and the sky was clear, I watched the International Space Station zoom past Galway. Apparently, it took this photo:


United Kingdom and Ireland as seen from ISS by European Space Agency (

Here is another one from last year:


This image was taken on March 28, 2012. Image Credit: NASA

And, my personal favourite, Galway from space at night:


*This photo is not actually taken from space! It’s just the window in my flat.
*It’s not even the window in my flat! It’s a poster on my wall, taken from the couch.


Sad Fairy

There are few things sadder than braiding your fairy hair, fixing your fairy makeup, slipping into your fairy dress, debating over your fairy shoes, hooking into your beautiful fairy wings, and walking your fairy self all the way through town only to have the charity trick-or-treat trail called off after an hour due to torrential rain.

“Is this an effect of the Frankenstorm?” I wondered aloud as it started coming in sideways.

“No, this is just a rainy day in Galway.”

Why couldn’t it have been tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday? I have plans to study all day tomorrow.

Today, I just wanted to play “Guess What’s in the Spooky Box,” give out sweets, and steal the souls of little Irish children. Was that too much to ask?