Happy Birthday to Me?

In a world where I am sending resumes into the void with barely a courtesy reply, putting in hours of work for exciting but unpaid internships, and getting turned down for a volunteer gig (seems no one even wants me to work for free now), it has gotten fairly difficult to avoid going negative on this blog. Hence the past month of not posting.

This is a very disheartening time to be writing/publishing/selling books for a living, and I am not going to lie – it is getting to me.

There are some bright spots. My boyfriend is here, I cranked out 12,500 words for my thesis, and the gorgeous weather is back. I also have a birthday coming up… which could be a good thing, because it turns out that I need money to keep running this blog.

Picture 1

All these things can be bundled for $99, but all I really need is the $26 domain name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.