Salty Air

During the entire year I’ve been in Ireland, I have been haunted by this one song. I would hear it over chatter in the pub, walking past shops on the high street, and before curtain at a local theatre production, but I could never catch it at the right time. The people with me would never have heard it, and I could never listen closely enough to pick up the lyrics. I pinned down the phrase “salty air” once, but that wasn’t enough to get any results on Google. An entire year went by, and this song kept teasing me.

A few weeks ago, I went to see About Time, because I am a big fan of movies about time travel. I am so jealous that Rachel McAdams keeps getting to marry time travelers, but as much as I want to hate her, I always end up liking her. I also share her About Time character’s love for Kate Moss. Oh, and I want that character’s job – she is a “reader” for a London publisher.

It didn’t hurt that the movie also stars Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson. So now I have the About Time tennis-on-the-seashore scene and the official soundtrack listing to thank for leading me to:

This is one of those videos that offers little improvement on the music itself, and I actually prefer the longer version of the song, but there it is: “At the River” by Groove Armada. A song from the nineties. No wonder no one knew what I was talking about.

FYI: Friday Night Lights

It’s football season in Texas, and I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights to cope with the homesickness.

The plan was to have a burrito and some beer every Friday night until I finished the season, but that didn’t last. I work until 8pm on Fridays, and the first season was so good, I finished it in a matter of days.

I might start Season Four tonight, so expect a recap sometime around the playoffs.

Beauty’s Where You Find It


I realize it’s already October and the October issue has been on stands for at least, um, two weeks, but the September issue of American Vogue did not arrive in Ireland until… September. Imagine that.

I ponied up €9.65 for the issue, as it contained:

1) an Irish fashion shoot set in County Kerry featuring the guy from Girls with a model not wearing makeup, and

2) an article on Wendy Davis, possible future governor of Texas and protagonist of this summer’s abortion filibuster, and

3) I had a third justification for buying the magazine, but can no longer remember what it was. We’ll assume it was all the sustainable fashion (there was a lot, and this was the first time I pinned while reading a magazine).

Tangled Up in Blue

My baby blue Biscuit turned 6 today.

In November 2007, she showed up at our door about an hour before I had to go to work. I had to leave her alone for 8+ hours, so this is how she bonded with her new family:


We assumed she was about six weeks old when we got her, so we gave her an early October birthday. October 1, to be precise… the same birthday as my boyfriend.


To this day, he swears that her eyes were as blue as his when she was a baby, which is clearly a lie, as evidenced by the photo below:


Happy Birthday to you both, my blue-eyed boy and my beloved blue heeler. In your honor, I’ve gone and dyed a blue streak in my hair. Maybe now I can fit in with the two of you!