Sweet Little Angel Babies


Last week was the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children here in Galway.

I got to volunteer for a couple of events over the weekend, including two Visible Fictions performances of Jason and the Argonauts and the Baboró: Environment, Arts, Science and Technology (BEAST) exhibit of projects crafted by local school children.

On Saturday, a tragic accident in Tuam took the lives of two little girls: Kate, who was 2 years old, and Grace, who was just 12 weeks. My heart is breaking for everyone involved.

Tonight, I turned on TG4 and there was a programme called Cogar: Oileán na Marbh (Island of the Dead) about the cillins where unbaptised babies were buried.

A brief portion in English had Christy Kenneally reciting his poem “Dear Parents,” which includes the lines …If you would honour me / Then strive to live in love / For, in that love, I live…

I’m going to Skype my mom now.