Great Irish Book Week 2009


Let’s pretend it’s 2009; we’ve travelled in time to the same day in October, just three years earlier.

I want to tell you all about Great Irish Book Week, an event organized by Publishing Ireland to celebrate local publishers, bookseller, authors, wholesalers, and media. It’s happening October 24-31, with events all over Ireland (and perhaps some mad Halloween wrap party?).

There’s even a free publication called Be Inspired, which is a literary sample platter of everything Irish publishers have on offer. It’s quite a treat!

So back here today in 2012, I found this book in Charlie Byrne’s (and paid 4 euro for it) because the editor of Stinging Fly Magazine and Stinging Fly Press, Declan Meade, was coming in for Publishers on Publishing, and there was an excerpt of Life in the Universe in this book.

Just flipping through this book, though, has been such a confirmation of everything I’m learning in this course. I now recognize the names of most of the publishers, and can name the person in charge at about half of them. I know who is responsible for the last big bestseller, and I’m starting to pick up on themes in the writing itself. I also recognize a few words in Irish!

I don’t know if Great Irish Book Week was just a one-off event or if they plan to hold another one every few years… but I love this book. Absolutely love it. Enrolling in this MA programme may be the smartest thing I have ever done, and this little freebie confirms it.


Bring free books to postgraduate students (current, beautiful, literary books at that), and your publishing company will have fans for life. Fair play, Declan Meade.