I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

At the end of the summer, I will be moving from Texas to Ireland for a postgraduate program in Literature and Publishing. I plan to blog my way through the year it takes to earn my masters.

I chose this program because I have a lot of questions about how we make money doing something we love. Books contain literature, and publishing is the business of books, so what can the intersection of literature and publishing teach me about creative integrity?

I want to keep a blog while I’m in school because I want to add that extra layer of analysis as I process what I learn in class. I also hope to come closer to deciding what to do with my life. And I need to develop a daily writing habit.

There will be a slight travelogue element to the blog as well; that’s part of the fun of going to grad school in Ireland.

Finally, as a former journalist, I know nothing motivates me like a deadline. I turned 30 yesterday, so this year is a pivotal one. A year abroad, a year of grad school, a year of blogging. Are you ready?