Long time, no blog.

I am trying to blog. I really am… but I am having a tough time.

My mom and sister flew out this morning (in fact, I think they just touched down in Chicago for their eight-hour layover). I have that hollow feeling you get after visitors leave, when you see them off at the train station and come home to cry in an empty flat.

Except my flat isn’t empty. It is full of plumbers. I have a leak in my bathroom ceiling, so I have had plumbers in and out of my apartment all day. I had to walk to campus to use the loo this morning, and I still have not had a shower.

So, I am trying to start blogging again, but it may not be until tomorrow. To tide you over, here is an awesome article about plumbers that one of my classmates shared on Facebook (everyone’s favorite eight-bit Italian plumber brothers, to be exact).