Up high, V Mars!

So, something big happened at the Vatican today, and it’s all really exciting. This is the first pope from the new world. This could have some good implications.

However, something else happened today that was ground-breaking and life-changing and squeeeee-inducing wonderful… the news of the Veronica Mars movie.

If we MARShmallows want to see the Neptune High class reunion, we need to raise 2 million on Kickstarter in the next 30 days (incidentally, I did not know Veronica Mars fans were called marshmallows!)

There are some really cool inducements. Ideally, I would want the perks of a $5,000 pledge: a private screening for 50 in your hometown, plus all the basic T-shirt, DVD, and movie poster swag. But I settled for a much more realistic number.

So the campaign just hit 1.9 million, and it’s only 7:30pm in the States. I’m probably going to pull an Election Night special and watch the results roll in. It really is incredible… $2 million in one day.