Strong Enough?

One bonus of feeling crummy and having to stay inside most of the weekend: I discovered Fraggle Rock on the Irish language channel.

This totally counts as homework for my Beginners’ Irish course.

I also discovered a teen soap opera in Irish called Aifric that I quite enjoy, although it appears to be reruns. Oh well, plenty of time to catch up (and learn what they are saying).


As for my ongoing struggles to translate Irish-English to American-English:

Today in the cafeteria, I was waiting in line to pay for my cuppa when a woman stepped in behind me and motioned toward the counter.

“Strong enough?” she asked.

“It will be,” I answered, since I had only just made the tea and it hadn’t had time to brew.

“Is it stroganoff?” she asked, pointing not to my cup of tea but to the tray of Beef Stroganoff the man in front of me had just purchased. “I guess that’s not yours.”

Nope, not mine.