Shameless Plug

I just came from from a soul-draining job interview, so to stay positive I thought I’d specify what I’m looking for in a job.

Legally, I can only work up to 20 hours per week in Ireland, although I can work full-time during breaks from school. This semester, I am free from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon, and of course weekends.

I do not mind traveling to other parts of the island to work – in fact, I would welcome the opportunity – although that does cut into my availability.

I also wouldn’t mind telecommuting. If the employer is American, I wouldn’t even have to be part-time, but I am a student and school needs to come first.

I would like to work for a publisher or do something book-related. My past work experience proves it doesn’t matter what the job involves; I am willing to do almost anything.

This is me on LinkedIn: